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Outspoken Caveman

Parrot Conformists

At the tail-end of the Baby Boomers, we find a small, but loud group who affiliated with the Hippy movement. They were a minority of their generation, yet TV gave us the impression that everyone of that age agreed with the movement. We learned a lot from those who conformed to the hippy movement. Hippies like to parrot the words of others in their generation who got on TV. They say things like:

  • Judgementalists are bad. (in their judgement?)
  • Don't dress like a conformist; Dress like us. (conform without conforming?)
  • They often told us, "our generation has something to say". (they never told us what it was)
  • In the 60's they said, "don't trust anyone over 30." In the 80's they rebuked younger voters, saying, "don't trust anyone under 30."

The Hippies taught outcasts, like me, the cost of not thinking for ourselves. They tell us why we must keep the retirement age down a few more years until they retire. They expect college age people to cover the cost of healthcare for their generation. They explain why it's ok to leave a mountain of federal debt for young people to pay. It seems a loud minority still exists who parrot the words of others who get on TV.