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Outspoken Caveman


  1. Colors
    1. Four Color Models (see Archive)
    2. Match to HSL
    3. Use HSL for design
    4. Convert to #Hex to Finish
  2. Layout
    1. Keep Flexible Page Centered
    2. Stretch Color Bands Across Entire Browser
    3. Width Flexes from 800 to 1200 pixels
    4. Stack Header Text and Image on Top of Bands
  3. Header
    1. Web Font (better SEO vs img)
    2. Four Layers of Text Shadows
    3. Slightly Darkened Upper-Left Outline, Appears Sharp Edged
    4. Relative Position: h1, Image, Nav
  4. Navigation
    1. White Rocks, a Mistake (look like clouds)
    2. Hover: Switch Images, Font, Font Color
  5. Articles
    1. Top Story in Three Columns
    2. Lead Stories, Floated. Angled Gradient
    3. Gradient is Stylish and Practical
    4. All the Same Color, yet...
    5. Always Shows Separation as Blocks Float
  6. Aside
    1. Highly Flexible
    2. Asymmetric Border Radii
    3. Shrinking Background
    4. Subtle Text Shadow Improves Readability
  7. Next Goals
    1. Each article & posting should be associated with a reply button
    2. Forms need validation
    3. Convert colors to #hex
    4. Understand Specificity
    5. Understand Sections vs. Divs
    6. Understand Padding & Margins of Columns

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