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Outcasts... we

I call us outcasts; born between the pre'57 Baby Boomers but before the post'63 Gen-Xers. Yep, poor us; lacking any label and a media to tell us who we are and what we think.

While the earlier generation accomplished peace and prosperity for our nation, and the later generation brought us the green movement and high-tech, the outcasts accomplished something of true significance. We killed disco, folk, and protest music. Such things are possible when there's no one telling you what you think and what box you fit into. It's almost as if we can decide for ourselves if we like something or if it's stupid.


At a time when OBrotherCare is struggling with technology, let's take a look at what real innovation can do...

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Outside my loft window, as I struggle to write this article, daylight sneaks up to light the stage of Douglas Firs, where local squirrels soon resume their successful entertainment business.   Out on the eastern horizon, comet ISON slowly rises and fades away during

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It seems obvious to me that football concussions are about G forces. G forces are about acceleration and deceleration explained by the formula distance/time/time. The only possible solution to football concussions must involve

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